Listed below are kind words from my clients…I hope to add you to my list.

“I always thought having a stylist was only for the wealthy, so I never considered it an option for me. Luckily a friend introduced me to Amy and after a few minutes I was a believer that she could help me step up my fashion game.

I booked a consultation and full shopping day and walked away with several outfits that no only stayed within my budget but also worked with my existing wardrobe, body type and lifestyle. She also followed up later with a summary of the different ways I could mix and match those pieces. I printed it and taped it inside my closet door! Mornings were so much easier.

Since that first outing, Amy has seen and now knows inside of my closet and often is able to give me at least 2 or 3 suggestions on what I already own that can go with what I’m trying on that let’s me get more bang for my bucks.”
Annette, Scarborough

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“My experience with Amy was amazing.  I’m a new-ish mom, who was looking for outfits for my return to work, as well as a few “go to” dresses for more special outings.  I contacted Amy because I felt overwhelmed at the thought of schlepping through stores for hours, hunting for clothes that would fit and flatter.  In the past, I’ve tended to buy the same colours and styles over and over again (I’m looking at you, black v-neck sweaters!), and I haven’t really been sure how to put the pieces that I own together, to make coordinated outfits.

Amy helped me to assess my current wardrobe and gave (gentle!) feedback on whether items were worth keeping or not.  And she took photos and notes, so that when we went shopping, she knew what I already had and loved and what I needed.

The shopping trip was fantastic!  Amy already had pieces in mind for me at each store that we visited, and often sent me into the changing rooms with complete outfits (ex: blazer, dress, necklace), so I could see how everything could work together.  And she made suggestions about how new items could be combined with the clothes that were already in my closet.  With Amy’s encouragement, I tried on colours and styles that I wouldn’t have thought to pick out for myself and I absolutely love the results.  And she was budget-conscious; we discussed my budget before our shopping trip, and Amy even suggested signing up in advance for select store mailing lists, to receive discount offers to use during our shopping trip.

I felt really confidant going back to work with my new and enhanced wardrobe and I’m finding it much easier to get dressed in the morning.  I’ve had so many compliments on my new outfits and can’t wait to shop with Amy for Fall/Winter clothes too.”
Katherine, Toronto

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“It was great shopping with you Amy. You have such a good eye for fashion and I love my summer/spring wardrobe!!”
Keya, Toronto

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