I am not one to ‘toot my own horn’ (blush), so I will let one of my favourite clients do it for me. This is an incredible letter she sent me out of the blue after our last shopping excursion, it brought tears to my eyes!

Just when I didn’t think a styling shopping trip with Amy could get any better… 

And then it did!

I contacted Amy about booking my recent spring styling shopping appointment and she mentioned that I could take advantage of her acceptance into the Nordstrom’s Independent Stylist Program that offered some great perks to her clients with NO obligation or expectation to make a purchase. So of course I said sure! After all when Amy was working there in the summer I scored some amazing items that I wore to death and were also really good prices (not at all what I originally perceived Nordstrom’s to be). Nice quality clothing with a wide range of labels to suit any budget.

It started with our reserved and luxuriously changing SUITE, a huge change room with tons of mirrors (and door for those who like their privacy) AND secondary area where Amy lined up my next outfits and waited for me to come out and present each. This ‘behind the velvet curtain area’ also doubled as our own exclusive café where we sat and enjoyed complimentary virgin mimosas and free nibbles from the Nordstrom’s menu. This is the way I’ve always dreamt of being treated when shopping and now want it every time, but sadly the change room experience later at The Loft rocketed me back to my ‘normal change room’ shopping reality.

Back to pampering… we locked our personal effects in the room that Amy held the key for, walked around Nordstrom’s free of sales associates chiming in, all the while picking out potential treasures to try on. It occurred to me at that time that there were a few things Amy’s clients needed to know if they already didn’t and I decided to write this.

5 Tips To Benefiting From ‘The Amy Experience’

  1. Be upfront right away – what do you already have at home, what do you need/looking for and what size are you (honestly). All these things really help Amy do her best to help you.

  2. Go with an open mind —you’ve hired Amy for a reason – after all you don’t hire an accountant and then do your own taxes, so use her expertise.

  3. Try on ANYTHING Amy suggests, no matter what — she has a gift, take it! I’ve learned that if you give yourself to Amy’s process you’ll never go wrong (see my camo pants I just love)

  4. Let go of your usual ‘go-to’ picks — when you shop by yourself you pick what you THINK would be good, but you’re with Amy so let her do the picking

  5. If you have to choose, take quality over volume – I’ve learned that 1 AMAZING pair of jeans (blazer/dress/pants/etc.), that makes you feel like a million bucks when wearing is a better investment than 4 meh pairs of jeans that make you feel just ok

On this last trip I was able to round out my existing spring casual wardrobe by adding an amazing green blazer and striped top to my white jeans and sandals. Went WAY out of my comfort zone with camo pants and cute stripped t with knot detail and a few more items such as a pair of jeans, fun colourful blouse, necklace that went with at least two of the outfits we bought and a few other goodies. (here are a few quick photos from home to show you some of my loot). Although we could find a pair of shoes I wanted in my size, Amy was able to make suggestions on what shoes I should be on the look out for to buy on my own and also how to pull these pieces together with what she knows I already have in my closet. 

Thanks Amy, you’ve spoiled me. The bar is really high now for the fall!

Long time client,

Here are some pics and links from our trip, how gorgeous is she?

LOOK #1:

Double Breasted Green Blazer

Halogen Boxy Blouse Ivory-Green Striped

Necklace: Ann Taylor

Pants: Clients own

LOOK #2:


Halogen Burgundy Multi Stripe side tie wrap top

Wit And Wisdom Fray Hem Seamless Skinny Ankle Jeans

Necklace: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Clients own

LOOK #3:


Wit and Wisdom Ab-Solutions Camo High Waist Ankle

Top Ann Taylor (similar to this one)

Shoes: Clients own, Kate Spade

LOOK #4:


Banana Cropped Denim Jacket

Dress & Shoes: Clients own

Openings are still available to book a Spring Shop…just send me a message!

Your friend in fashion…amy.

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