This is the perfect time of year, crisp mornings and warmer afternoons let you wear a perfect faux fur bomber from BR in the am and then reveal an even more beautiful printed blouse also from BR  in the pm.


This jacket is fun and funky and surprisingly warm…the perfect fall addition to your wardrobe.


The cropped length keeps it modern and doesn’t overwhelm your frame, especially if you are a petite gal.


This is me freezing my ass off,  jumping up and down…not warm enough to take that cozy jacket off. I have no idea how I am going to survive the winter, I wanna be a snowbird!


I am obsessed with this blouse, it looks and feels so luxe and rich…I have worn it twice this week and I love it with my leather moto vest over it. This print is to die for, I loved it so much I ordered the maxi dress in the same print. I seldom find a piece that I love so much at such a great price…who hoo!

Wishing you all a wonderful day.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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