Hi everyone, I hope this Wednesday is treating you well. These past couple of weeks have been crazy and I can’t believe the school year is coming to an end…to be perfectly frank this panics me a bit. I know most Moms will say they can’t wait to have their kids around for the entire summer, but here is the thing…they are liars! Talk to any Mom (especially one who works from home) two weeks into summer vacation and odds are they are frantically googling summer day camps for free spaces.


One of the most common questions I receive from clients is ‘How do I dress for the weekends?’ Many women have the office wardrobe and the at-home wardrobe nailed down, but many are baffled on what to wear out and about after work or on weekends. Many of them wear yoga pants or sweats (gasp) out and about…don’t even get me started on the pyjama bottoms out in public phenomenon.


Style Tip: The key to casual dressing is in the fabrication…purchase clothing in the materials you love. Many dresses, pants and blazers are available in tee shirt or sweatshirt material.


This dress from Gap is stretchy jersey and feels like your fav tee shirt, the length is perfect for doing absolutely anything and the wrap waist is flattering and an instant outfit maker!


Another key to the casual wardrobe if comfy stylish flats, these gladiator suede sandals are also from Gap, they are the perfect combo of comfort and style…the perfect combo!


These tassel earrings are all the rage right now and can retail for around $100! I made these babies all by myself and look for my next post for a tutorial.

Happy Wednesday.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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