Well I am an 100% ‘Canadian Built’ girl, and I am very proud to live in this vast beautiful country. I am not sure how the whole ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ came to be, and why denim on denim has such a negative connotation is beyond me. It is monochromatic dressing at its simplest and most casual.


Tim and I were having this exact debate over the weekend. He recently purchased a cool light wash Levi’s denim jacket and didn’t want to wear it with dark wash jeans…his wife is a stylist and he had the nerve to question my professional opinion!!! Well he finally listened and received a compliment on his outfit, and that’s all I have to say about that!


This is my take on the Canadian tuxedo, gaucho’s from Gap, a denim jacket from J Crew and a graphic bodysuit from Pink. To add some interest and more hues of blue I added this scarf from Banana Republic and my cute Coach purse.


Style Tip: Monochromatic dressing is modern, slimming and elongating, what girl doesn’t want that? Give it a try with varying shades and textures of the same colour, ease into it with a neutral like gray or white.


I hope I have inspired you to give this look a try and send me a pic of your outfits.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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