We are heading out next week for a family vacay to Mexico…who hoo! The kids are so excited and the packing frenzy is well under way.

I am not a seasoned traveller and seem to always overpack, a girl needs options, right? I also get a lot of travel induced anxiety, mostly about keeping us all healthy before and during our trip. I really need to get that under wraps…any ideas?

Now that the dreaded bathing suit shopping is complete, that is a whole other post in itself! The bathing suit brings out everyones insecurities no matter their shape or size. I have decided to try out a spray tan before I go, who are we kidding everyone looks better tanned in a bathing suit. I will keep you posted on how that turns out, I am having flashbacks of the Friends episode where Ross goes for a spray tan, omg that cracks me up!

Once I have the kids packed I can focus on moi! I have my bathing suit/cover up wardrobe  lined up and now I am working on my evening outfits. I am trying to keep them a little on the casual side since the kids are with us; wedges, flats and block heels for easy walking on the uneven terrain.

I select complete outfits for each day and night, which I am hoping will streamline both time and overpacking! That is my goal…but if it happens is another story.

Here are a few of my proposed outfits…I will try to remember to take pics while wearing them.


One of my fav cover ups from Trina Turk…it will be on repeat!


A Coco photobomb…I am going to miss her terribly! Luckily my awesome brother is dog/house sitting, which will ease my worrying.


Love these leather shorts and lace combo (last worn here), I think it will look great with some tanned legs!


A tropical outfit wouldn’t be complete without a maxi dress, this one is from Banana Republic and also comes id a vibrant red.

Wishing you a wonderful week. Muah!
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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