The Allure of the Sale


Why…hello there. My blogging break is over and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, I am back and ready to tackle the very serious fashion news of 2017 with you.


It is that time of the year, when those spectacular sales are begging you to buy something at 70%off…because it is only $24.99 regularly $149.00. And who doesn’t need another ill fitting black blazer? You, that’s who!

This can be a perfect time to nab some very high end designer pieces for a fraction of retail but you have to be strong and not get sucked into what you are saving. Are you really saving money if that item sits in your closet unworn?

I almost got sucked into the same trap last week while I was out shopping with Tim. If you know me you know how much I love BCBG MaxAzria, it just fits my smaller frame (and bust, lol) perfectly. The entire store was 40% off and this included items that were already marked down. My pulse raced and I grabbed everything in my size on the sale rack…I liked almost all of the items, but there was only one item from the entire rack worth keeping. I almost bought the ill fitting black blazer because it was so so so cheap, but I came back down to reality and knew I would probably not wear it.

I did score this top from the clearance rack and it was one I was thinking of buying at retail price…and that is the secret, if you wouldn’t buy an item at regular price then don’t buy it on sale. Be strong, it is worth it. I got this beautiful jersey top that retailed for $231.00 for a mere $69.00…worth every penny because I know I will actually wear it.


It was at this time when I thought to myself, 40% off regular priced items is also an awesome deal and I took the time to look at everything the store had to offer and if I saw something I absolutely loved in the regular priced section I would buy it over items on the sale rack. And then I found this raw edge Chanel-esque structured top and it fit like a glove and instantly knew it would be mine. It had the same regular price of $231.00 but I ended up paying $138.00 and felt like I won the lottery.


Here is my new versatile top styled for winter months with a black turtleneck…pretty nice right? It is my perfect top; fitted, structured and a slight peplum…love, love, love! Photo credit goes to my beauty Ava.

Thanks again for taking a read, and cheers to a fashionable 2017!
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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