In the past I had been turned off by ‘vintage’ clothing, it honestly grossed me out. Everything had a smell that I did not like, but what I have learned is that is ‘thrifting’ not ‘consigning’. There is absolutely nothing wrong with thrift store shopping and I know many people have scored huge finds…but honestly not my thing.


A girlfriend told me about Luxe Touch Consignment, that opened a few months ago in Cambridge. She instantly had me at a ‘wall full of Chanel bags’, it sounded too good to be true and I had to go check it out for myself. In my mind I am meant to wear Chanel head-to-toe daily but of course the only thing I can afford is glasses. So vintage purses in excellent condition at a fraction of the price is VERY exciting for a gal like me!



Cyndee is the owner of the store and has a wealth of knowledge on consignment and vintage handbags. I get so giddy when I go into her store I don’t know where to look first. I have put some items of mine up for consignment and am slowly saving my pennies to buy this vintage Chanel flap bag, I adore it.


This is also a vintage Chanel knit suit that I wasn’t quite sure about at first, seemed a little too ‘ladies who lunch’ for me. Honestly once I put it on I felt so elegant and comfortable, this suit fits me like a glove…damnit (now I am saving for this too)!

Style Tip: Vintage is a cool way to add unique character to your wardrobe, take one vintage item and pair it with all modern pieces for a very cool fashion girl look.


I wanted to make the blazer modern and put my personal spin on it. I have styled it with distressed denim, fishnets and ankle strap pumps and I love the results. Oh, and also just a little Chanel bag, you know no biggie.


I want to thank Cyndee from Luxe Touch for loaning me these pieces and also being my fantastic photographer, I especially love this background.

Take some time to check out high end consignment stores if you want to have some very high end designer pieces for a fraction of retail.

Your friend in fashion…amy.


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