I was editing my bulging jean drawer and found a hidden treasure…my overalls (last worn here)! It is the perfect transitional weather to wear them and I wanted to give them a fun French Girl spin.


These are older overalls from the Gap (these are close and a great price), overalls are more of a trend piece than a classic so I won’t spend a fortune on them and Gap has great quality and price points. The fit is great too, comfy but not sloppy.


The black striped tee gives a little Parisian casual chic. They have an open back which is a fun little twist and makes your bottom look so much better!


I wanted to make these shorter and funk them up a bit so I did a little DIY on the hem (tutorial here).

amydressed-overalls-scarf-striped tee.jpg

This cotton paisley bandana is from J.Crew and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…and this is just perfect. I have actually worn it a few times.

Style Tip: A neck scarf is a nice alternative to a statement necklace, or tie it on the handle of your handbag for a stylish upgrade.


The addition of a secondary print keeps my look fun and a little unexpected, the black in the camouflage tie into my black striped tee.

Thanks so much for taking a read, I truly appreciate it!
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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