Here is a look at what I wore this week…



This is a casual Monday look, unusually bright for me…primary colours. I have fully embraced wearing red and adore this new blazer from JCrew, graphic tee, black skinnies and loafer slides complete the look.



This is an oldie but a goodie from Missoni (last worn here), the fur vest and fringe suede boots are also two of my fav pieces. What do you think of the straight hair? I have been trying to give my hair a break at least one day a week.



This is a repeat of Wednesday. Striped jersey dress, cargo vest and metallic Stan Smith sneakers…perfect outfit for running around town.



Rainy, chilly Thursday called for a turtleneck sweater dress and suede OTK boots…and a bad hair day! I am on the hunt for a second pair of glasses, sigh. It took me so ooooo long to find these that it will not be an easy task. I have a very tiny pin head and most glasses look obscenely large on my face.



Another cold one today and the drizzle is still holding on. Wearing this tres chic sweater from Banana Republic, to make this statement piece work requires the rest of your outfit to be streamlined and your hair pulled back. You know so you don’t end up looking like a muppet.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! I am excited to be spending the day with my sister-in-law shopping…yipee!

Your friend in fashion…amy.

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