I have had a hate, hate, and more hate relationship with my eyebrows my entire existence. My family has very sparse and short eyebrows and over the years, my novice attempts at shaping them had left me with about six hairs …oh and FYI I discovered one of those hairs was white! That was the hair that broke my brows non existent arch.

I would spend much of my morning routine “putting my eyebrows on” and praying that they stayed on the entire day. If you share my eyebrow shortcomings you understand how self conscious you can be and how time consuming the whole process is. Even going to the beach would be stressful…imagine your eyebrows running down your face. I had spent money on every pencil, powder, paste and brush you can imagine.

My beautiful sister-in-law shared the same eyebrow shame (although hers were much better than mine) and we both read about microblading in a fashion magazine. This was genius and why hadn’t we done it years and years ago?

What is microblading? Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Hair like strokes are drawn on your skin and mimic natural hairs in your brows. It is not as deep as a regular tattoo but pigment is still implanted under your skin. A touch up is mandatory 4-6 weeks later and results can last up to two years.

So this is a hard one for me, it makes me feel very vulnerable…but here is the before pic. Eeeeek!


And the amazing after! It takes some time to determine your shape but the actual process only takes about 45 minutes and a numbing gel makes it almost painless. Totally worth the small amount of pain.


There is some scabbing and healing required but nothing that you have to hide in your house over. I am totally hooked and will be going for touchups every six months (my skin doesn’t retain the pigment as well as most). I can’t tell you how it has boosted my confidence and shortened my morning routine.

I was so happy with my results from Get Dolled Up, do your research and make sure your tech is certified.

What are your beauty insecurities? How have you dealt with them?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. It is our local Fall Fair (where Tim and I first met and I fell instantly head over heels) so weather permitting we will take the kids Saturday and I am heading cross border shopping with my bff Sunday.

Your friend in fashion…amy.


    1. They look AMAZING! I think there is nothing wrong with doing things that make you feel great! My big insecurity is the changes in my facial skin – discoloration. So, I invested in BBL Forever Young treatments. I HIGHLY reccommend the procedure. So worth it.


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