Another week has flown by…can you believe it is almost August already? We are having such a hot summer this year it has been torture not letting Levi swim, that poor boy. Yesterday we were at the surgeons’ office and we got the green light to go swimming…who hoo! I have been dying to go as well, I got the cutest new bathing suit. Today was the day, Levi and I hit the pool and he was so happy it made my heart sing.


When I was on a shopping trip with Melissa I scored these Michael Kors leopard pants for a mere $29.99, a fraction of the retail price. What pairs perfectly with bold leopard print pants? A black leather shell of course!


These pants are very bold, but surprisingly versatile. I will wear them in the autumn with a baggy black sweater and over-the-knee flat boots. The rest of the outfit needs to be minimal and cohesive. I would gravitate towards all black.


This was an outfit I wore running errands and the black tote is a must! I was feeling a little sassy and my bold red lip is the finishing touch.


These peep toe booties are flattering and visually interesting. I purchased them at Marshall’s quite a while ago…but they still regularly make an appearance.


Wishing you a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and style.
Your friend in fashion…amy.



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