I hope you are all having a productive week so far. Mine has been busy as usual…Levi got his cast off late last week, the pin removal was so painful and he was so brave! It was terrible to see him in so much pain, but a couple more weeks of ‘taking it slow’ and he will be swinging his baseball bat. We also dropped Ava off at overnight triathlon camp, it is so hard to watch her go, I am so proud of her bravery and independence (she didn’t know a soul there). I am thinking about her constantly and can’t wait to hear about all of her adventures on Saturday.


As a stylist, a large portion of my job is helping clients get out a style ‘rut’…it is predominantly the need for more colour and pattern in their wardrobe. One of my clients (who I love dearly) had the largest collection of black cardigans I have ever seen…one identical sweater after another. We all have our vices and our comfort zones.


In this post I conquered one of my biggest obstacles…wearing red. Seems odd since I am constantly sporting a bold red lip, but a top or dress is very intimidating. I am a cool chick (check out this post to see what you are) and I am much more comfortable wearing that palette. I often thought a warm colour looks absolutely terrible on me…but since a red lip works on me I decided to give a top in the same hue a try.


I am not 100% sure if I can pull it off or not, granted this beautiful blouse (from Banana Republic) that is more coral than red but it is a good first step. I love the asymmetrical pleats, the fit and the machine washability! What do you think?


I paired this bold blouse (my son Levi said it kinda hurt his eyes), with my fav girlfriend jeans (last seen here), my leopard BCBG MaxAzria blazer and my new statement sandals.

Style Tip: If you are skeptical when you are looking in the mirror take a quick selfie, the different perspective will give you an honest answer.


My challenge to you? Try something that you absolutely have sworn off (Annette…can we say peplum tops), open your mind and look at yourself differently. Let me know how you make out.
Have a wonderful week.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

2 thoughts on “SOMETHING NEW…RED”

  1. Uggg on the peplum tops 🙂 Gonna take more time to embrace that idea

    But this looks great and the shoes make it extra awesome. I also noticed the W at the top of your blog is the fringe on your shoe! nice touch


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