How was your week? Mine was a total gong show. The dreaded call came from the kids school, ‘Levi is in the office and he has hurt his arm.’…s&*t. I really thought it was nothing because the school calls when they skin their knee, as soon as they put him on the phone and I heard his little voice choking back the tears ‘Mommy, it hurts so, so, so badly. Please come and get me.’  I knew something was wrong.


I am so thankful that Tim was close by and we could take him to get checked out together. The surgeon took one look at the swelling and pretty much knew, the x-ray revealed a displaced right elbow that would require a small surgery and two temporary pins. I did my best and remained totally calm (until they wheeled him into the operating room, then the waterworks started), Levi was being so brave…he didn’t shed one tear even when it happened. So the least I could do was keep it together, we had to wait seven hours for the surgery and then we were required to stay overnight. He is doing well and is very excited to get his new ‘blue’ fibreglass cast on Thursday. His temporary cast weighs more than him…poor boy.


So my blog has suffered a bit (sorry)…luckily I had some pics on standby for this Wednesday Weekly. As soon as I saw this silk romper on the Banana Republic site I knew instantly I had to give it a try. It is luxurious in colour, print and texture…a true statement piece.


Style Tip: The 3/4 length sleeves will make this transition easily into autumn. It would like chic with some over the knee cognac boots and a dark wash denim jacket.


These statement earrings also from Banana Republic are the perfect compliment and are surprisingly lightweight.


These oldies but goodies are from Cole Haan, the perfect all around summer sandal…they help elongate my shorty legs.

Wishing you a wonderful day.
Your friend in fashion…amy.



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