I think it is all safe to say we love the warmer temps, relaxing on the beach with your toes wiggling in the sand and long walks on the shore. But before all that heaven begins we all have to endure the hell of finding a bathing suit that makes us feel as confidant and comfortable as possible. We are incredibly critical of ourselves but not of others on the beach…just remember no one is examining every bump dimple or vein on your left leg!

Style Tip: Be bathing suit ready. Make sure everything is shaved and groomed, some self tanner will certainly help and don’t forget a positive attitude. If it makes you feel more comfortable bring a friend you can trust and who will be gently honest.

Here are some universally flattering suits to think about when you are in the dreaded change room.

High waisted bikinis
I recently purchased a version from Pink (with the matching top) while shopping with my daughter. I feel so great in it…I love the retro feel and the high waist helps to hide one of my post baby insecurities. This look is a great way to feel sexy while being covered. Give this style a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.




One shoulder one piece
If a one piece is your comfort zone try a one shoulder version…we can all universally agree that our shoulders are sexy and this suit highlights the neckline beautifully.



One piece with ruching
We all know the wonders of ruching on a dress or blouse…the same applies to swimsuits. Ruching creates tight gathers of fabric that hug the body but do not cling, creating a clean silhouette.





High Necklines
These suits are also very covered up, but sexy at the same time. If you do not want to put your girls on display or if you want to highlight your shoulders this suit is a worth a try. It is also a very modern fashion forward choice.



Two pieces with detail on top
Detail on top will always draw the eye upwards towards your beautiful face and who are we kidding bust. For a more dramatic contrast stick to a solid basic bottom.


Hopefully you are going to hit the beach this weekend, let me know what suit style you prefer. And confidence is your best accessory…focus on what you love about your body rather than what you hate.

Thanks for taking a read.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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