As soon as I laid on eyes on this beautiful dress on the Banana Republic website I was smitten! The gorgeous 70s inspired silhouette and print lured me in, I was a girl with a huge crush…being vertically challenged I knew I didn’t have a hope in hell of going steady with this dress unless it came in petite sizing. Lucky for me it did…and we are currently living happy ever after!


Even though this dress was available in petite sizing I was still skeptical that the voluminous dress wouldn’t swallow up my small frame. The key is the fitted top that defines my waist, which makes the fuller bottom very flattering.


This dress makes me feel girly, twirly…and kinda like a fancy pants. I paired my dress with a pair of Kate Spade tortoise shell sunglasses and my fav summer sandals (last seen here).


Style Tip: If you see a piece you simply adore online or in store and you pass it by because you think; ‘It won’t work for me.’ try it on! Think of me saying this to you, and give it a whirl…what is the worst that can happen? Sometimes we have style intuition and we should follow it and ignore our nagging insecurities.


I was getting bored with my nail polish selection (seriously, I already have way too many), but you understand. I wanted a light grey colour for spring/summer, I wasn’t sure about it but after day three it grew on me. The match to this dress is perfection.


Here is another pic of my shoes…just because I love them.


Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for taking a read.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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