Tim and I got a night away in Toronto a few months ago, it was frigid and blustery but we braved the elements and ventured all through the city. Mostly using the maze they call the Underground Path, luckily Tim has a stellar sense of direction…because I would still be there wandering in circles. In my defence I can always, without fail sniff my way to the nearest shopping mall.


We spent some time shopping, which Tim also enjoys, spending hours scouring Winners and Marshalls. I wrote a post on my fabulous finds (last seen here) and it is finally warm enough for me to wear them.


This is a little Kate Spade cotton dress that I scored for $49.99, Kate Spade Sunglasses for $39.99 and the most unique statement sandals for $99.99…all From various Winners around TO.


Winners and Marshalls both have the most unique footwear, I love the Italian brands like these from Cavallini. They have limited sizes and stock so not many people will be wearing the same sandals as you.


Style Tip: If you are wearing a very dramatic statement shoe (or any piece for that matter), the remainder of your outfit should have clean lines and minimal additional accessories.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful Wednesday.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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