What, Wednesday already?? This week has just flown by for me, what about you? Kids are such little time suckers…swimming, baseball season, triathlon training, hair appointments and puppy walking.

I am hoping for a relaxing upcoming weekend, we don’t have too much planned which is refreshing. My brother opened his summer cottage and wanted us to come up on Saturday but the weather looks like absolute crap, freezing and rainy…eye roll! Just when the weather turns a tiny bit in our favour, BAM frigid again. I think we will hold off on going until we don’t need a parka…the idea of being holed up in a small space all day with two squabbling kids, a hyper puppy, bickering parents and a bossy big brother sounds like a special kind of torture.


I wore this new top because I wanted to damnit, but honestly if you look closely you can probably see my goosebumps. It’s a Rebecca Taylor, tweed, raw edge with leather inserts peplum top, retailing for over $250+ and I scored it on ebay for 39.99…who hoo! Mind you, I had to pay over $25 to get it dry cleaned but I absolutely love how fun and flirty it is.


I paired them with my fav Citizen’s distressed denim crops (last seen here) and my new Marc Fisher fringe sandals (last seen here) and my Jay Lane turquoise earrings (last seen here).

Style Tip: Peplum tops are very flattering on almost all body types, nipping in at your narrowest point (your waist) and floating over your midsection (many women’s trouble spot).


These Marc Fisher fringe sandals have quickly become my new favourites, when the weather permits that is! I actually wore them on a shopping stint with a new client yesterday and success…for my feet and my client.

Your friend in fashion…amy.

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