I am very honoured to be in the current issue of GRAND Living Well in Waterloo Region magazine, if you are not able to grab a copy I have an except of it below. Lynn Haddrall who is the former editor of The Record interviewed me and she was exceptional, and made me feel like I was chatting with a friend.




Local Handbags Shine in Washington
Written by Lynn Haddrall

Not all women embrace colour as eagerly as Grégoire Trudeau, however, and that’s where fashion stylists such as Amy Deutschmann can lend a hand.

Deutschmann, who was born and raised in New Hamburg, loves to play with colour when guiding her clients in their personal style choices.

“Usually most people are stuck in a black rut. I’m guilty of it too,” she says. “It’s a gradual change and depends on the person. If a colour doesn’t look good next to someone’s face, maybe we do pants or accessories or shoes.”

“I’m not one to fall into trends. I focus more on what looks good for you and if you look better in warm or cool colours.”

Deutschmann, a graduate of Conestoga College’s graphic design program, owned a design business with a friend and then did contract work at the University of Waterloo. Her passion is helping others perfect their personal style.

Her husband, Tim, has his own business and they have two children, Ava, 12, and Levi, 7. Many of the women who ask Deutschmann for style advice are busy moms.

Her fashion styling started with friends and family who approached her for tips. “I thought this is really what I want to do. I would help my sister-in-law and I saw her totally change and how happy she was with the way she felt and looked.”

Sometimes she shops with clients, having them try on outfits. Other times, she builds digital look books they can reference. It’s about making the process easy and fun.It’s not unusual for a client seeking an opinion to text a picture from a change room. They can also follow her blog updates on

While colour choices are important, it’s not the first thing she considers. Shape and silhouette are the starting points.

” I assess shapes and then how colour plays to minimize or accentuate certain things. Dark colours will minimize and light colours will highlight.” she said. “I was always visual so maybe that’s why it comes easier for me with colours, shapes and silhouettes.”

Deutschmann will also do a closet edit and be brutally honest about what to keep or toss.

“I’ve had some crazy closets where I’ve just wanted to cry. They won’t do it unless I’m there. It’s a delicate balance because we all have our insecurities with our bodies, so I have to be gentle and make them see what they can’t see., especially new moms and people with changing bodies who may have gained or lost some weight.”

Part of her job is convincing people to try new things, perhaps by adding a new colour or pairing different patterns.

“Wear what makes you feel good. I’m not one for the rules of age either; if you’ve got good legs and you want to wear a miniskirt, then go for it.”

Her personal style makes the  most of prints, patterns and she always sports “a bold lip and nails.”

Deutschmann works out of her home in New Hamburg but has many clients in Toronto. I asked her whom she would choose as a dream client.

“Sophie Grégoire Trudeau,” she said, no hesitation.

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to take a read.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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