moms day collage

I loved creating this post…sifting through the memories and reminiscing about my kids and the complete adoration I have for them (most days). You would not believe my pregnancy pics, my gigantic belly would fill your entire screen…no joke!

moms-day-birthday    momandme

This is the kids and I celebrating my birthday, I have very few pics of myself with both of them…I really need to remedy that. Also a pic with my mom when I took her to see Johnny Reid, it was the best night of her life, he actually hugged and kissed her! It made me ecstatic to see her so excited, it really was a great show.

Style Tip: The gift of a fashion stylist might be perfect for that mom who has everything or is always complaining about having ‘nothing to wear.’

Wishing you all a weekend full of love and remember to tell your mom how much she means to you…i know I will.

Your friend in fashion…amy.



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