One of the biggest complaints I receive from my clients; ‘Nothing ever fits me right!’, truth be told this happens to everyone. I am a petite girl…barely 5′ 2″ and while there are many petite offerings in stores I still have to get many of my clothes altered to make them fit like a glove. Hems and sleeves constantly shortened, waists nipped in with a couple of darts to get rid of the dreaded back gap.

Do you find that you are always hiking up your jeans? Get them in the proper position and check your back waistband, is there are a large gap in your back? If you answered yes, you need to have your pants taken in ever so slightly to hug your waist all the way around. You might think this is a waist of time or think that a belt will fix the problem (it will help a bit), but I promise if you do this simple trick you will never have to hike up your pants again and your derriere will never look better .


Here are a pair of my jeans that I was constantly hiking up, when I brought them to the tailor and had two darts inserted it really did make all the difference.


This lace top was always close to being perfect…but the arm holes were just too large (I just didn’t have the girls to fill it out), and my bra was constantly showing. I had the sides taken in about one inch on both sides. Presto, it was perfect and absolutely no bra issues.

I recommend to all of my clients that they take the time to find a good tailor or seamstress close by and use them…often. If you look through your closet at the clothes you always pass by, odds are they need a little nip or tuck. Take the time to do this and these once discarded clothes may come into constant rotation. You will never look better and in the end you will save money.

Style Tip: When your clothes fit you perfectly they look more expensive.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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