sweater crop top & leather pants



This Wednesday is a special one for me…my Granny turns 99 today, yes 99! She is such an inspiration and sharp as a tack, we had her over for Easter dinner and she can still kick our asses in a game of cards. While she was here she was admiring the succulent garden I created, lightbulb (as my son Levi would say). I created a small garden for her room that I am going to drop off this afternoon and I hope she enjoys it.


A crop top might seem daunting if you are over 25, but we can all rock a crop top, it is all in the styling. I am not suggesting we walk around showing our midriffs’, my 12 old daughter would be mortified (and since giving birth to her my stomach will never be the same)!

The solution is simple, layering and high waisted bottoms. I love this cut away crop sweater and I have big plans for it this summer, high waisted wide leg pants and a high waisted pencil skirt…and bronzed skin.



I wanted to wear it now, and you know from my incessant whining it’s beyond cold here. I had a girls nite out and wore this outfit and I felt a little rocker chic, I love the short over long look and my trusty white button down was the perfect underpinning.


My leather leggings and leather fringe necklace complete the outfit…a pop of colour in my handbag add some pizazz.


I am in love with these chain booties that I purchased at Winner’s in the Autumn…they are deceivingly comfortable due to the 3 inch heel. They add a touch of luxe to any outfit.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a good week.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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