Now that Spring has almost arrived (on March 20th, my beautiful daughters birthday) it is the perfect time to talk about colour and how to incorporate it into your (let’s be honest) almost singularly black wardrobe. I am equally as guilty as all of you, black is simple, slimming and pretty much foolproof. We all have that certain dress or blouse we get compliments on, nine times out of ten they are reacting to the perfect colour for your complexion.

We have all heard of being a summer/winter or a warm/cool, as odd as the terminology appears it has some merit.

There a few neat self tests you can do that will help your out. As a general rule if you are blue or greened eyed with red undertones in your complexion and look best in white gold jewellery you are a COOL. If you are hazel or brown eyed with a peach undertones in your complexion you are a WARM. Another quick test is to examine the veins on your wrist, if they appear blue you are a COOL and if they appear more green you are a WARM (your veins are not green), the yellow undertones in your skin make them appear green.

If you are not ready for full on colour I recommend small splashes starting with accessories like shoes and bags. Shoes and handbags are also a great way to incorporate a colour you might adore that does not compliment your skin tone. For myself being a COOL I could incorporate red shoes or a yellow handbag into my arsenal. Slowly,  you will become more comfortable and confidant and soon be sporting colour from head to toe, and maybe just maybe, wear a bold print loaded with colour.

Here are some colour selections for you COOL ladies…like me.

cool collage3

Here are some colour selections for you WARM ladies…not like me.

warm collage3B

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


  1. Of course…it is just a rough guideline. Whatever looks and feels best on you is what works for you. Experiment in the change room, no commitment and if it looks good in that horrendous lighting you know you have a winner!


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