As a stylist one of the most common requests I receive from my clients is how to dress casually chic. Many busy women have Monday to Friday covered but when the weekend rolls around they find themselves at a loss and turn to Lululemon (which I have my fair share of too, but I reserve mine for working out and stay at home days) or dare I say… gasp, the dreaded track pant (which I also have and love for Netflix marathons and sick days only).


A successful casual wardrobe combines basic pieces layered together with a few statement ones to achieve a unique personal style.

A few Must Haves for a Casual Wardrobe
– distressed girlfriend jeans
– long sleeved tees
– graphic tees
– denim jacket
– leather moto jacket
– statement bomber or blazer
– embellished or patterned sweaters
– flat boots
– classic ballet flats or kicks
– black leggings
– patterned tunics
– small cross body bag
-carryall tote


In my casual outfit I layered a basic striped long sleeve tee (last seen here) and a statement celery green embellished sweater (last seen here) with my basic distressed denim (last seen here). A statement tote (last seen here) and statement sunnies with basic black boots complete the look. When you have all the right staples in your wardrobe arsenal the casual possibilities are endless.

What are your casual wardrobe essentials?
Your friend in fashion…amy.



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