A couple of weeks ago I posted about a little getaway my best and I were taking…Tim said people would think we’re nuts because we haven’t taken a trip alone in over three years.  I am sure we are not the only couple who gets tangled up in the chaos of kids, work and just life. Tim has his own business and works tirelessly for his family and doesn’t get to take much time off…I am so proud and grateful for all he does for us. Okay, enough gushing…I just adore my man! We make a point to carve out time for each other every night, once the kiddies are in bed we snuggle in, watch Netflix and have a special snack…sounds silly but it is my favourite time of the day.


As forecasted the weather was terrible; freezing rain, sleet, wind, rain and snow! But we made the best of every minute…shopping, dinners and even a movie. Tim mapped out a route through the underground walkways and we got lots of shopping in. I am very particular when it comes to shopping and usually walk away empty handed. I need to practice what I preach to my clients…don’t buy unless you can’t live without it and if it’s on clearance only make the purchase if you would have bought the item at regular price.



I had a preconceived notion that Kate Spade was not my style…too many bows and poofy skirts, I am a more leather and lace kinda girl. I was mistaken! I discovered that KS dresses seem to fit me like a glove and their sunglasses seem to be made for my tiny narrow face. I love, love, love this leopard print jersey dress and these white sunglasses are exactly what I have been looking for. Lucky for me I got both for 50% off…who hoo!


We also hit Winner’s and Marshall’s, it was the launch of The Runway collection and it was complete chaos! A fashion girls dream come true…if you have the pocketbook to match! I was dying over some Valentino rock stud pumps and purses, sadly out of my price range. On the bright side I scored these incredible Italian statement sandals, I  knew the minute I saw these on the shelf they were made for me! Not for the faint of fashion heart (most of them will probably end up on the clearance shelf), but I can hardly wait until it is warm enough to wear them. They will definitely be popping up in future posts.


Last but not least my handsome husband insisted on buying me something and you all know how obsessed I am with my Stuart Weitzman 5050 black leather boots (worth every penny). I found these olive suede fringe 5050 boots for over half off and now they are mine. Also not for everyone, but I am excited to wear them with dresses and skinny jeans for a cool boho look.

And that is our Toronto trip in a nutshell…the time flew by and we had an amazing adventure. Hopefully the next getaway comes sooner.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Your friend in fashion…amy.







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