My husband Tim & I have not been away ‘alone’ together for over three years…way, way too long! My big brother had a hotel voucher that he wasn’t going to use and I gladly offered to take it off his hands. We are heading to Toronto to shop, eat, (maybe a drink or two), maybe a movie and shop some more. I am one of the lucky girls who has a husband who loves to go shopping.

I have been planning outfits out in my head and I am totally ignoring the ‘severe’ weather statements that have been issued for Toronto on Wednesday…grrrrrr!


These are the outfits I have decided on…I am going with a more casual theme. I might not even pack heels, I know right? Tim likes when I wear flats and I can walk fast enough to keep up with my long legged 6 foot tall man.


I started with my footwear, the old faithfuls…my Stuart Weitzman 5050’s. Next my black leather moto jacket, black cashmere turtleneck, Danier leather fringe gloves and infinity fur scarf. The bottoms is what I will change up from one day to the next.


On day one I will pair my black basics with wool tweed shorts (actually this exact outfit here)  and day two I am flip flopping between distressed denim and a camo asymmetrical skirt (last seen here). I think I will pack both depending on the weather and I might also throw in my new fav gray chain booties, you know in case my feet get all wet day one.

I will post some pics of our adventure on instagram @ amyablefashion. Anyone else up to anything interesting this week?

Your friend in fashion…amy.

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