I know we are all secretly dreaming about Spring and dare I say even Summer, but the bitter winds instantly freeze those daydreams out the window. I wanted to write a post that we can all use today not months from now. Let’s talk winter layering and how to master the art of being both cozy and chic.


There is a new trend right now…layering a skirt or dress over your skinny jeans. This is a trend I decided to try today, I wanted to cover my butt because I was so darn cold!


Let me go through all of the layers I am wearing. My base layer is a thin fitted black turtleneck, then a short sleeved sweater dress, a double faced wool coat, distressed skinny jeans, socks (yes socks), and camo booties. The finishing accessories, a fur scarf and fringe leather gloves. The look surprisingly kept my butt warm while I was running around town.


I was out shopping with my bestie Melissa on the weekend and wasn’t sure about purchasing these fringe gloves…I am now obsessed with them. Me and fringe have a long standing love affair.


If you are brave enough to teeter around in your stilettos pair them with some thin socks to keep your tootsies warm-ish.


How do you stay warm and stylish?
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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