Let’s ignore the thermometer and think ahead to the warm sunshine and fresh pedicures in our new statement sandals. It will be here in a few short months…I promise.

Right now is the perfect time (it is going to be -16 tomorrow) to go through your spring/summer closet…you will be hibernating inside anyways. You might be lucky enough to be vacationing in the sunny south in the near future (not me….sniff, sniff) so you will be frantically rummaging through your warm weather pieces.

I suggest making three piles; 1. keep, 2. maybe, 3. donate. Invite an honest girlfriend (or give me a call) and try on everything that has potential. If anything is showing significant signs of wear such as piling, staining or fading…put it into pile 3, no matter how much you love it! When you go out shopping you/we will find the perfect replacement.


If any of you gorgeous gals are looking to book some time to shop or edit your closet send me a message, spots are starting to fill up fast.

Happy heart day weekend, love you all!
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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