Have you heard the ground breaking news? The Pantone Colours of 2016 have been released! I am a trained graphic designer so I am familiar with the pantone swatch book, for some odd reason these colour announcements always seem humorous to me.

Honestly I am usually not in agreement with the selections…and I was disappointed yet again. I am truly not a fan of pastel shades they just seem really girly or granny to me, but I am going to try and find some pieces that can be mixed with my current pieces. Never say never!

Below are a few examples of rose quartz and serenity pieces.

rose quartz

Stlye Tip: Try a very modern minimalist look when selecting pastels and pair them with some edgy pieces such as distressed light denim or cream moto jacket…if you dare a total monochromatic look is totally chic.

What do you think of the top two colours of 2016?
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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