I was packing away some lighter coats and jackets in our basement and stumbled across this little gem…how, oh how could I possibly forget this baby was in my closet. What a terrible mother I am…ha! Most likely it means I have too many jackets, coats and capes in my closet.


This is a Mackage wool cape with leather trim that I somehow scored at Winners last year, it’s a true treasure. Mackage is a killer Canadian luxury brand, their coats & jackets are always on trend and impeccable…I am also loving their purse collection.


When I wear this cape, I plan my whole outfit around it. The cape has a lot of volume so the rest of my outfit has to be slim and tailored, either a pencil skirt with tights or leather leggings work best.


Since it is so chilly here I opted for the leather leggings, a cashmere turtleneck and a pair of leather “texting” driving gloves.


Sporting my old faithful Sorel boots…who else but me would own high heeled winter boots? In my defence they are all rubber and have some decent treads, but I did almost wipe out on my wet garage floor while carrying multiple bags of groceries…the risks of fashion!

Happy hump day everyone.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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