I wanted to do a post of my weekly outerwear wardrobe…winter has finally arrived and this has been a week of of varying temps from frigid to pleasant.


Monday was FREEZING, like traditional Canada freezing.  I am always cold, even on a warm day. I have always avoided buying a parka, it felt like surrender. But after last years bitter winds I caved and bought this down parka with leather sleeves and a huge fur hood. I have to admit it does the trick, it keeps my booty toasty while I am picking up the kids from school. Of course you can never go wrong with a classic pair of black Hunter boots…the perfect companion to a parka.


Tuesday was tiny bit warmer but still pretty chilly. This is the JCrew coat from Wednesday’s post. Classic double faced wool with an edge. The fur infinity scarf finishes the look.


I received this gorgeous Ted Baker peplum wool jacket as a gift from my wonderful mom for Christmas. It fits like a glove and Tim loves me in it so I want to wear it all the time. The jewelled collar gives it just enough sparkle so I can dress it up with a dress or down with distressed denim. My daughter Ava got a selfie stick for Christmas and I am trying it out. These are Sorel all rubber high heeled booties…how awesome is that!


Today was much warmer than earlier in the week, still some snow but the sunshine is warm. Perfect weather for a cropped leather jacket, fingerless gloves and a good old Canadian tuque…complete with a fur pom pom!


This week has flown by…maybe because the kiddies are back at school after winter break. This is the coat of all coats…my absolute dream coat! My dream man gave it to me for my 40th birthday (he also sent me to the Bahama’s with my best friend), he is amazing and totally hot! This is a Burberry Leather trench and it was like it was made just for me, the leather and the detailing are exquisite. I will have this coat forever and I can’t gain an ounce, because the thought of this coat not fitting me are incomprehensible.

Wishing you all a wonderful winter weekend.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

1 thought on “WEEK OF WINTER WEAR”

  1. I love you comment on Friday’s coat “I will have this coat forever and I can’t gain an ounce, because the thought of this coat not fitting me are incomprehensible.” I need to get me something like to keep me in line and away from the snacks.


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