I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was full of sick kids…remember it’s the most wonderful time of year, for nasty germs!

Florals and I have a love/hate relationship, leaning more and more towards love. In my mind florals always seem prissy and granny like, but the key for myself is bold and large graphic designs. Most would say a petite girl such as myself shouldn’t wear this, but I am a rule breaker. And really when we look in the mirror (at every angle) it always tells us the brutal truth, always.


This dress is a departure for me; the print the length and the rather tight fit. Sometimes when you are totally covered from head to toe you feel the most revealed. I found this dress at Winners for $59.99…it turned  my  husbands head so it must be a keeper.


The dress is sleeveless and it looks equally chic worn that way, but since I am always cold I tend to throw a lightweight black turtleneck under everything!


My go to leather moto jacket gets thrown on over everything…I like how it toughens up the floral.


I found these boots deserted in the back of my closet and couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about them. I love the griege colour and since I despise my knobby knees they are OTK. They give this dress a more casual vibe and I like how there is no leg showing only boot.

Style Tip: Transitioning your love of florals into the winter months can be tricky, you must leave the light airy fabrics and pastel colours in your closet.  Opt for bold saturated jewel tones grounded in a dark background, substantial knits and wools work best.

Your friend in fashion…amy.

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