This is how my pre-selected outfit from Friday turned out…what do you think? It only took me over 30 minutes and three youtube videos to get my bowtie tied correctly! Of course for my first video tutorial I selected the young handsome man with an endearing accent, no luck. By the third I selected the older British gentleman…success! Just to remind you, below is my pre-selected outfit from Friday.


I went with the classic white button up with a slight polkadot and the schoolgirl plaid bowtie. To contrast the masculine, a fitted high waisted pencil skirt, fishnets and leopard pumps.


The temps have plunged and there is now a white blanket covering my front yard, it does look like a winter wonderland. It also got is in the mood to start doing some Christmas decorating on the weekend.



Happy Monday everyone…my little man Levi is home sick today so there will be lots of cuddling on the couch.

Your friend in fashion…amy.

2 thoughts on “HOW TO WEAR A BOW TIE”

  1. Love, Love, Love this!! One of my favs. Sometimes I think you are the only one that can pull it off!
    Hope things are well!!


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