Culotte Crazy

Well ladies (and hopefully gentlemen), the culotte craze continues into Autumn/Winter. And this girl is excited about that…they have the illusion of a skirt but the ease and warmth of pants. The key to culottes is to wear a heel, the mid-calf length can cut you in the wrong place or pair them with tights and slouchy boots and you will be toasty warm all season long.


I am wearing a pair of faux leather draw string babies from Banana Republic…it is amazing how far faux has come. A basic black turtleneck (every girl should have one, and invaluable layering piece) and a basic denim jacket give the look a casual vibe.


A black turtleneck is the perfect backdrop for a statement necklace, this beautiful piece is handmade by a local artisan. My Michael Kors Statement Camo Bag complete the look.



When you find the right pieces you can be the cool mom and also be the most comfortable mom! Please let me know if you have caught the culotte craze and send me a pic.

Thanks so much for following and please pass it along to all your fellow fashionistas.
Your friend in fashion…amy.


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