This is a fun but very useful fact. Have you ever bought an expensive pair of opaque tights (maybe even splurged on some Wolford’s) only to have them run or snag on your first wear? Well the answer as crazy it sounds is to FREEZE them, yes freeze them. When you buy your next pair of tights before you wear them, run them under water until damp, then place in a Ziploc bag and freeze overnite. Give them a day to thaw out and you are good to go.


Apparently you only have to do this once, the cold temps strengthen the individual fibres making them less likely to snag and run. Let’s all try this and see what happens…keep me posted!


Can You Wear Opaque Tights with Sandals?
Not just any old sling back can pull off this look. Your best bet is to go with attention-grabbing shoes (stacked ’70s platforms or peep-toe ankle booties). Anything too delicate or basic will look like a mistake, rather than a statement. Make sure your tights are in like new condition with no fuzzies on the toes, a patterned tight is also perfect for this look.

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