When people ask me what I do for a living and I respond that I am a fashion stylist, they often respond with a perplexed nod. People often think that hiring a stylist is out of their grasp and only for the wealthy. This is simply not true, hiring a stylist is not as expensive as you might think and can simplify your life and boost your self confidence (check out my testimonial page).


There a number of services I offer my clients.

1.  CLOSET EDIT: I come to your house and together we go through your closet and select what needs to go, what stays and what gaps you have in your wardrobe.

  1. PERSONAL SHOPPING: Together we will go on an excursion with a shopping list and pre-determined budget in hand. As many hours as requested by you.
  1. DIGITAL PERSONALIZED LOOK BOOK: This is a great option to invest in, making your mornings immensely simple. I will compile a digital book and email it to you, which you can then print out and keep near your closet.It will contain complete outfits using items we purchased on our shopping adventure and/or items in your current closet. It will include all accessories and options for all of your fashion needs. I will also suggest new items that you could try while shopping on your own (or with me) to pull your outfits to the next level.

This is in a nutshell what I do…feel free to contact me with any queries.

Your friend in fashion…amy.

2 thoughts on “THE WEDNESDAY WEEKLY”

  1. As a big Fan of Amy’s style and services, I can’t recommend her enough to anyone! (men too – so if you have a husband or significant other wearing some horrible shirts/pants/shoes, Amy has been know on occasion to really lend a hand to those in need 😉

    In the last few years working with Amy I find look forward to getting dressed for the day! Her LookBook is AHH-Mazing! With images and suggestions as to how to pull your outfit together it really can’t get any easier. Since our first shopping trip, I now find I actually own pieces I wear over and over and carry over into seasons or the next year, instead of a bunch of ‘meh’ clothes saving me money. And now I toss the less worn and tired pieces that we all seem to hang onto. There’s a pile at the front door to go out now!

    Quick Amy Style Success Story: I have a top we got during our spring shop from Ann Taylor and and amazing necklace at The Loft. I think the 2 pieces together may have cost $70 (if that), and here’s the thing… I wore that top and necklace OVER AND OVER again and a day didn’t go by that someone didn’t comment on how fantastic the necklace and top looked on me! To be perfectly honest, they do look fantastic together but I almost certain I wouldn’t have considered that necklace on my own. I looked ‘styled’ with just a top and necklace! Based on a per wear cost, I think that combo worked out to about $0.75 a day!

    So glad I have my own stylist! Thanks Amy 🙂

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