THE 20/80 RULE


Take a moment and think about your closet, is it packed full of unworn clothes some even with the tags still on? Today’s fact is surprising but true, most women wear 20% of the items in their closet 80% of the time. We all have our very favourite pieces that fit like a glove and make us feel fantastic and logically we wear these more often than the ones that gape at the waist or the sleeves are just too long.

My job as a stylist is to help my clients comb through and edit their closets and get rid of some of that 80% of unworn items. A closet cleanse can be time consuming but cathartic, it will leave room to buy new pieces that you only absolutely love and will wear. You can do this on your own, with an honest girlfriend or send me an email and I will help you out!

I am of course obsessed with fashion and I love shopping and getting a great deal…but it takes discipline to put down the Michael Kors jumpsuit that is 70% off, especially if it is not perfect for you. My closet is not as full as you might think and my shoe collection is limited, I prefer to have fewer high quality items, these are the ones I wear time and time again. My goal is to fill my clients closets with pieces they love and wear 100/100 depending on the their mood.


Your friend in fashion…amy.

1 thought on “FRIDAY FACT”

  1. As my closet is only 36″ wide, this especially is a problem for me! I was just thinking this morning how it’s time to move some old tired or unworn inventory to make way for exciting new fall fashions. Your blog just re-enforced that thought.

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