Wednesday already! The calendar is turning again even though some of these summer days seem long (“MOM, I’m bored.” “MOM, he called me an idiot.” “MOM, I didn’t call him an idiot, but he is an idiot.”), all of you fellow moms get it…right?? Please say right!



I challenged myself and put together an outfit that used some of my fav pieces in a new unexpected way. I ended up with this fun retro look…something I wouldn’t usually wear but I am pleased with the results.


I began with my navy joggers from Banana Republic, a basic fitted tank and paired it with my Ted Baker scarf cape (worn as a neck scarf here) and my shrunken denim vest from Gap. My blue suede lace up sandals are from ShoeMint and my sunglasses are Dior.


I kept true blue to my retro theme with this vintage inspired broach bracelet from Banana Republic and contrasted it with my leather wrap bracelet.


These blue shoes are crazy high but are surprisingly comfortable…suede softly hugs your foot like leather just can’t. When I wear these I can almost see eye to eye with my husband…well a girl can dream.

We are off to the amusement park today, wish me luck!
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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