Happy Fryday Fashionistas!

A few quick tips to get you through the upcoming hot and humid weekend. We all know it is pretty hard to stay totally styled and chic on a hot sweltering day…but with a few quick tips it is possible.


Here I am taking my son Levi to the local splash pad with two of his little buddies, hat and sunnies for me!

1. Wear looser silhouettes that don’t cling to your body. A breezy a-line dress or culottes    are great options.

2. Wear natural fibres that breath easily…cotton and linen are your best bets.

3. A sun hat, preferably straw will breath and keep the hot rays off your beautiful belange highlights!

4. Don’t tuck in, that extra layer will trap the heat. Instead wear layers that don’t need to be tucked in and might catch a little breeze…a slight crop top would do the trick.

5. Don’t forget a gorgeous pair of sunnies, they instantly up the style factor not to mention protecting your beautiful baby blues (or browns or greens or hazels).

Have a wonderful weekend.
Your friend in fashion…amy.

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