Well last week I cut my hair off and fell into the “lob” trend…what do you think? I have been toying with the idea and decided to take the leap, I think I love it and it is fun experimenting with different looks. The added bonus being it takes me half the time to do my hair. I was worried mostly about my husband Tim liking it, I didn’t tell him I was cutting it and just sent him an after pic. “Holy S*#%” was his response, but he loves it too…Phew! I am constantly telling my clients that they need to get out of their style ruts, so I had to follow my own advice. My hair has been the same style and length for years. It is just hair, right?



Now to my Wednesday outfit! I found these French Connection tweed shorts at Winners for $29.99 (retail value $118.00)…sweet! They are beautifully lined and have a pink neon thread running through them. I paired them with a black leather shell from Banana Republic and a crisp white blazer also from BR.


This necklace is a real statement piece, fun for summer. It is a lightweight metal and pairs nicely with my new shorts!


These are my fav black pumps from Sigerson Morrison, they have a respectable 3 inch heel and the ankle strap gives them a modern edge.


This is my everyday Halston Bag and I found this GORGEOUS black tassel on Etsy and it takes my bag to the next level. I am also sporting my silver mesh Tiffany ring and my latest purchase a Michael Kors black ‘x’ ring…it is light and very comfortable. I also found my perfect summer nail polish…not too red and not too bubble gum. Now I just have to paint my toes to match.

Thanks again for following…I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Your friend in fashion…amy.


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