Happy Friday Fashionistas

I wanted to take a minute and thank all of my fellow fashionista’s for following my blog…it means so much to me and I always try to keep you all in mind when I am writing.

Below are two of my favourite online shopping sites.

Banana Republic is a great site for high quality wardrobe staples that don’t cost a fortune. They have free shipping and free returns which makes shopping hassle free and almost too easy!

25% off regular priced items, ends 6/15.

Here is one of my fav’s from Banana…this site is great for me because I need petite sizing. How gorgeous and comfy does this maxi dress look, the side slit is sexy and would show off a pair of knee high gladiators perfectly!


Zara is a site is for the fashion girl who likes the current trends and wants to experiment with cool prints and accessories. This site takes a while to sift through but it is worth the commitment when you find the perfect pair of culottes! It is also a great place to find fun add unique pieces to incorporate into your basic wardrobe pieces.

Thi site also has free shipping and free returns.

Here is one of my fav’s from Zara…I just ordered this baby, maybe you will see it posted next week.

So if you haven’t tried online shopping before I urge you to give it a try and I promise you will be hooked with the convenience and awesome deals you can receive. They also offer specialty sizes such as Petite and Tall for men that can only be found online.

Happy Shopping!

Your friend in fashion…amy.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday Fashionistas”

  1. Also great to sign up for their email mailing lists. Banana always emails preferred customers special promotions and discounts! Thanks Amy, looking forward to see your purchases ‘in real’ on your blog maybe 🙂


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