This past weekend I went a road trip with my BFF to Montreal…I have wanted to go there for so long. It felt like we were transported into France, the accents the fashion…I was in heaven. It was such a great trip, just not long enough!

photo 1[1]

photo 2[1]

A six and half hour road trip requires some cute comfortable travel clothes, and it was humid and hot. I feel the most comfortable in a dress, this one from Lululemon is my new favorite! It is cool and has some subtle cutouts at the back (I thought I might be too old to pull this dress off). But I think it is still hip and current with the perforations and knee length hem. I wear a pair of black biking shorts (also Lululemon) underneath it in case I have a Marilyn Monroe moment. I stayed comfortable and wrinkle-free the whole road trip.


This red crossbody bag adds a punch of color and is very practical for a weekend getaway. The strap comes off so it can be used as a clutch for a nite out. I paired it with a fun turquoise bracelet and a cool silver ring (it is actually the top of silver fork made into a ring, a flea market find).

photo 1

I paired my dress with these cute leopard thongs from Crocs, they are totally waterproof and can be washed in the sink if you spill your coffee when your BFF is driving and stops short…just kidding Melissa was a wonderful driver!

Enjoy your Wednesday, it is a beautiful day here.

Your friend in fashion…amy.


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