How to Fold your Cuffs

Here is a short post on three ways to cuff the sleeves of one of your wardrobe staples (I hope you have at least one), the collared shirt. Shown below on my mannequin “Sonja”, you will be seeing her often in my upcoming posts.


Number 1: The Standard Double Roll and Push Up
Unbutton the cuff and roll up the sleeves 2 or times and push the sleeve up your arm until it feels comfortable.


Number 2: The Single Cuff
This is easiest way to cuff a shirt. Simply unbutton and turn up the cuff. This is a great look with a blazer or sweater.


Number 3: The Double Cuff and Wing
Fold the cuffs before you put your shirt on.

Do one very large fold up, approximately 4 inches.

Fold up again to meet the bottom of the cuff.

Fold one more time so it covers half of the cuff.

Lastly fold the tips down.

There you have it! Three simple ways to up your style game and change your typical collared shirt into the “chic” collared shirt.

Your friend in fashion…amy.

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